Café To 

Retain Talent

Strengthen culture and boost belonging


Increase belonging with ERGs and communities

Use Café to support ERGs or any of your communities by building connections and make employees thrive at work.

Key Features

ERG Pages

Access upcoming ERGs events, meet and connect with your community

Regional Hubs

Connect people based on their locations and engage distributed teammates


Grow employees’ skills, help them learn from each other and expand their network

Office FOMO

See what's happening and create a sense of attachment to the organization

Help people grow their career

Level up employees’ skills and help expand their network in a journey towards professional growth - through mentorship.

Give schedule ownership and flexibility

Decide where to work, based on teammates’ schedules and what’s happening at the office. Get visibility and never miss a chance to socialize.

See the benefits of using Café

Seamless integration with all your favorite tools

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