The source of truth for your spaces

Gather all important office information in one place so that people know how to show up.


Customized floor plan

Provide people with an easy-to-navigate floor plan of each of your spaces, and help them find their way to spaces, office amenities, and more.

Key Features

Office Pages

Centralize office information (location, access details, office manager, events)

Floor Plan

Make your floor plan visible and help people join the right space

Zone Guidelines

Define the purpose and rules for each zone, like noise levels and work style

Space Capacity

Set capacities to zones to ensure that everyone has a desk when they come in

Space Amenities

List hardware and equipment available in each space

Popular Office Days

Find the best days to come in based on office attendance trends

Upcoming Events

See what's happening at the office and don't miss out on events

Today #Channel

Create an ephemeral Slack channel each day for people who are at the office

Make office information accessible

Centralize office information (such as opening hours, building access, office manager, and more) and provide employees with visibility on the office they join.

Find out the best office days

Promote upcoming office events to help people decide when to show up and engage with their workspace.

Space capacity management

Divide office space into zones with set capacities and booking rules, manage overcapacity, and ensure everyone has a desk when they come in.

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