Bring distributed teams together

Group people into hubs to encourage meetups and local engagement.


Foster local engagement

Group employees into regional hubs to facilitate local events and promote connectivity. Empower people to know who lives nearby, and let them coordinate meetups.

Key Features

Region Pages

Connect people based on their locations and foster local engagement

Dynamic Filters

Browse and discover people based on teams, interests, location, ERGs, and more

Local Events

Encourage local connectivity by creating regional events in seconds

People Map

Give real-time visibility on who’s working in the same region

Streamline regional hub information

Promote your local communities by centralizing information. Discover members, coordinators, upcoming events and more from the same place.

The answer to "Who's where?"

Get real-time visibility on where people are working from and which cities they are based in. Make it easier to meet in offices, coworking spaces or even cafés!

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