Café To 

Boost Cross-Collaboration

Forge cross-team connections that break down silos


Meet outside your team, intentionally

Use random coffee chats and celebrations to provide icebreakers. Deliver opportunities for people to meet and connect — across your organization.

Key Features


Grow employees’ skills, help them learn from each other and expand their network

Random Coffee

Introduce people from different teams when attending the office


Enable anyone to design impactful and engaging social moments

Team Analytics

See how each team is connected and interacts with each other

Craft collaborative spaces

Split your offices into activity-based neighborhoods, define a purpose for each zone, and make sure people join spaces that drive collaboration.

Leverage events for cross-team connections

Celebrate special moments with your teams, whether it’s a product launch, quarterly offsite, or new member welcome.

See the benefits of using Café

Seamless integration with all your favorite tools

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