People-Centric Space Management

Give people a way to choose the right space, based on their needs and preferences.


Make information accessible

Centralize all office knowledge in Café, and provide employees with more visibility. View essential info, like opening hours, wifi access and office manager profiles.

Get to know your places

Ensure that newcomers feel welcome in any space. Help them find the best spots to eat, people to meet, and regional events that align with their interests!

Join the right space

Split your offices into neighborhoods, and upload a custom floor plan. Whether coming to the office for collaboration, individual work or social opportunities, let people reserve the best space with the right people.

Repurpose based on needs

Design your spaces with intention. Provide guidelines that highlight the purpose of each zone, like noise level, workstyle and phone call policy.

Optimized for IRL connection

Automatically connect people at the office, and bring back serendipity. Provide a space to share local information and plan last-minute gatherings, free lunch or activities!

Understand and optimize your spaces

Access zone, space, or office-specific occupancy data. Understand traction to adjust policies, repurpose space, and optimize the workplace experience.

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