Connect people to communities where they belong

Leverage affinity groups to bring people together across regions, interests, and ERGs.


See how everyone’s connected

Increase visibility on company structure and see how teams and departments fit together. Scan the org chart or dive deeper into individual employee profiles to learn more about the people you’re working with.

Key Features

Personal Milestones

Highlight birthdays and work anniversaries so no-one misses a chance to celebrate

Regional Hubs

Connect people based on their locations and engage distributed teammates

ERG & Community

Empower communities to gather people across regions, interests, and ERGs

Mentorship Program

Grow employees’ skills, and help expand their network

Org Chart

Enhance transparency on company structure and how everyone is connected

Interest Graph

Visualize what people are passionate about and create interest-based connections.

People Map

Give real-time visibility on where people are working from each day

Dynamic Filters

Browse and discover people based on teams, interests, location, ERGs, and more.

Drive Local Engagement

Group employees into regional hubs to facilitate local events and promote connectivity. Empower people to know who lives nearby, and coordinate meetups like a breeze.

Build engaging communities

Let people create communities based on what they’re passionate about, encourage interest- and location-based connections that drive engagement.

Connect through Interests

Visualize your organization's social graph and see what connects people. Make it easy for them to find ice breakers and create connections, groups or events.

Put everyone on the map

Customize your own profile so it accurately reflects who you are, at work and beyond. Help your colleagues get to know you and create opportunities to connect.

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