Find groups where you belong

Create communities that bring people together across regions, interests, and ERGs.


Foster local engagement

Group employees into regional hubs to facilitate local events and promote connectivity. Empower people to know who lives nearby, and let them coordinate meetups.

Key Features

Dynamic Audience

Empower people to create events based on their ERGs, interests, or regions

Region Pages

Connect people based on their locations and engage distributed teams

ERG Pages

Centralize information to highlight coordinators, events, and initiatives

Mentorship Program

Grow employees’ skills, and help expand their network

Boost belonging with ERGs

Use Café to support your ERGs, making it easy for people to access, learn about, and join them. Build genuine, cross-team connections that improve belonging.

Build engaging communities

Let people create communities based on what they’re passionate about, encourage interest- and location-based connections that drive engagement.

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