Keep a constant pulse on employee satisfaction

Leverage real-time insights to understand your employees and maximize your impact on engagement


Understand your people with Polls & Surveys

Empower employees to share their feedback in seconds with lightweight pulse checks, directly where they work from.

Key Features


Collect feedback to understand employee needs and take the right actions


Design your work experience around employee suggestions and preferences


Automate recurring surveys and set your sending frequency

Template Gallery

Find the right template based on your needs and get started quickly

Custom Audiences

Use smart filters to customize audiences by teams, offices, ERGs and more

Real-time insights

Track satisfaction and compare trends across your organization

Custom Reports

Leverage filters to generate reports by departments, offices, regions, or groups


Capture answers from all channels (Slack, MS Teams, Email…)

Start with a template or build your own

Choose from a variety of templates around employee engagement, belonging and inclusion, employee journey, events, and more.

Customizable for all your internal needs

Automate, schedule, and integrate workflows to collect more answers. Set up the right frequency and channel for each pulse.

Reach the right audiences

Send pulses based on common interests, locations, and affinity groups. Craft the right questions to design the best employee experience, with everyone in mind.

Get real-time insights

Capture trends, build custom reports, and drive change with actionable data. Export your results to your preferred business analytics tool whenever you need.

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