Connect your favorite tools to Café

Stop having loads of apps: Keep hybrid simple, integrations are here.

Connect your Chat

Are you still asking, “Are you at the office today?” Get the answer instantly through your messaging app.

Café live-updates your status so you don’t have to.

Or receive your notification directly in your daily tool.

Sync your HRIS

Café automatically retrieves people’s data (like PTOs, birthdays or languages) so they don’t have to input twice the same information in two different sources!

Add your Calendars

Better decide which day you should come to the office or organize an in-person meeting with our Google and Outlook Calendar integrations.

It syncs your statuses so you can see who’s where in the future.

Integrations for Single Sign–On

Café integrates with the Okta, OneLogin, and other identity management platforms, improving security and efficiency and giving your employees one-click access to Café.

You can also set up a custom SSO option for your organization using our SAML 2.0 integration.

Café also automatically updates users using SCIM for provisioning, deprovisioning, and groups sync!

Trust Café with your security and privacy

We protect your data and give you the information and tools you need to meet your privacy obligations.

Café complies with regulations - including GDPR,HIPAA - and is SOC 2 certified.

Seamless integration with all your favorite tools

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