Café To 

Build Social Cohesion

Drive meaningful connections at work


Design impactful events

Use Café as the one-stop-shop for all of your events. From small gatherings, like lunches or team outings, to complex, company- or department-wide offsite events.

Key Features


Never miss a chance to celebrate birthdays or work anniversaries


Enable anyone to design impactful and engaging social moments

ERG & Community

Empower communities to gather people across regions, interests, and ERGS

Polls & Surveys

Measure employee satisfaction and collect information with surveys

Build engaging communities and ERGs

Let people join communities based on what they’re passionate about, encourage interest- and location-based connections that drive engagement.

Connect through interests

Visualize your organization's social graph and see what connects people. Make it easy for them to find ice breakers and create connections, groups or events.

Foster local engagement

Group employees into regional hubs to facilitate local events and promote connectivity. Empower people to know who lives nearby, and let them coordinate meetups.

See the benefits of using Café

Seamless integration with all your favorite tools

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