Make information accessible & transparent

Improve visibility across your organization and centralize



See how everyone's connected

Increase visibility on company structure and see how teams and departments fit together. Scan the org chart or dive deeper into individual employee profiles to learn more about the people you’re working with.

Key Features

Org Chart

Enhance transparency on company structure and how everyone is connected

Interest Graph

Visualize what people are passionate about and create interest-based connections

People Map

Give real-time visibility on where people are working from each day

Dynamic Filters

Browse and discover people based on teams, interests, location, ERGs, and more

Leverage your dynamic directory

Centralize information and provide a complete picture of your organization. Browse and discover people, places, groups and more.

Connect through interests

Visualize your organization's social graph and see what connects people. Make it easy for them to find ice breakers and create interests-based connections, groups or events.

Showcase your 
team's DNA

Gather your teammates in a dedicated space: access team-specific events, shared interests and weekly rituals. Collect detailed analytics to understand and adapt your team habits.

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