Café for 

Employee Engagement

Build a workplace culture that fits your people.

Shape the flexible employee experience that your organization deserve.


Why HR teams teams use Café

To boost connectivity

To rebuild global cohesion

To create serendipity

To improve events

Drive intentional connections across teams

Encourage people to meet and create connections outside of their team to boost serendipity. Deliver opportunities for new team members and company veterans to connect IRL.


IRL connection

Make it easy to connect with different coworkers outside of direct teammates.

People Analytics

Measure and boost social connectivity with people data and interests.

Interest Map

Help individuals connect through interests and location.

Event Management

Let anyone create social gatherings and engage interest groups.

Ease people discovery

Make your organization’s social connectivity visual: whether company-wide or team-specific, always have a pulse on who’s connecting, how often, and what the impact is.

Unlock actionable connectivity insights

Access powerful metrics to measure connectivity across your organization. Break it down per office or departments to measure effectively.

Let people plan their own events

Equip individuals with everything they need to create high-value connections with each other. Choose the best activity, and maximize the impact of each gathering.

Get everyone on board!

Seamless integration with all your favorite tools

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