Jow is exploring a work from anywhere model using Café

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Jacques-Edouard Sabatier

Co-founder & CEO

  • 100 employees
  • 2 countries
  • Hybrid company

Jow combines recipes, recommendations, and online grocery ordering with leading retailers (Monoprix, Carrefour, Auchan, Chronodrive, and E.Leclerc). The app lets you complete your weekly online food shop in as little as a minute (once you’ve been onboarded, of course).

Jacques-Edouard, the founder and CEO, explains how their transition to a Work From Anywhere model was important. They recently moved out of their office for a bigger workplace to support their growth and policy.

People come when they feel like it and they can work from wherever they want

Everyone's planning is flexible

During the first lockdown, the whole team was 100% fully remote but now most people come and go to the office without a strict policy, as long as performance remains the same. Some teams need to be more present, like the Food team that creates all the recipes in-house.

There's no fixed schedule and no restrictions when it comes to the city you can work from. It's simple, people are trusted to find the best setups to deliver as usual.

How does Café help Jow's people?

Recreate social interactions and serendipity at work, with Hybrid

Employees can set their schedule for the 2 upcoming weeks with few clicks. It enables meetup and gives visibility to the whole organization.

We use Café to make sure we're not too many in the office at once

In some cases, people at Jow only come to the office to say hi, to share a coffee or a meal with their colleagues. It's really important for the company that these relationships remain strong amongst people, also it's a great way to avoid any misunderstanding that can arise over Slack or Emails.

Teammates adopted Café from day one as it was super simple to set up!

Café for Hybrid and Remote-first Teams: 

Café, the social hub for Hybrid teams

At Café, we truly believe the future of work is hybrid.

We designed the ultimate social hub for hybrid teams, to enable employees to shape their hybrid work styles with flexibility, transparency, and interest-based connections at the forefront of each social interaction. 

We help hybrid and remote first companies increase workplace connectivity and build efficient, flexible and thriving cultures.

Boost office connectivity with social moments and create strong connections across teams from your social hub in Café. 


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