Truly let your people
Work From Anywhere

Give everyone the freedom of choice to decide where to work from

See who’s where

Visualize how is your workforce distributed.

Who’s working from home, from offices or from cafés?

Maybe you’re spending your days next to your teammates, but you never figured it out.

Find the best place to meet

Work happens in many places, so where do we gather today?

Just look at where people plan to spend their day, it can be a whole day at the office, or a half-day at a coworking space.

Set statuses, sync em’, and meet in 1 click!

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Stay connected,
even when far from the HQ

Everyone should be able to interact with workplace culture. Café helps remote workers find Hubs with multiple employees.

Helpful for finding the next team event destination!

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Seamless integration with all your favorite tools

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