Space Management

Add flexibility and transparency for people to meet

Visibility to everyone

People can decide where to work based on what everyone else is doing. Simply set your statuses in seconds from any device.

Whether you’re at the office, working remotely, in a coworking space, or not working — it’ll be accessible so everyone can sync and meet!

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Compare plans to meet your team intentionally

Your team agenda is essential when planning your week.

Compare your statuses with teammates or your favorite folks across departments, so you can make the best decision!

Upcoming events, such as newcomers onboarding or pancakes party, are also displayed to see what’s up, who’s going, and if you want to participate.

Book a space in seconds

Our Space Booking System lets you stay flexible on where you’re working.

People can have their own office preferences and select the zones where they prefer to go.

Organizations can customize their workplace with subspaces or team neighborhoods accessible through a simple floor plan.

Plug and play
with your daily apps

Our Slack integration lets you know who’s where today and gets updated in real-time.

And with our Calendar integrations (Google and Outlook), your status is automatically updated, making it easy to meet with your coworkers!

Also, notifications can be sent directly from Slack to avoid multi-channel communications.

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Seamless integration with all your favorite tools

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