An employee directory

that connects

More than just pictures and names, discover who your coworkers really are!

The best context to connect

Discover folks that you should connect with based on shared hobbies, communities, and interests.

Use filters to search, understand and socialize across your organization!

Help your teams/people become familiar

Do you really know your coworkers?

Let’s find out with quick questions (around interests, skills, or fave food).

It’s a simple game that’s interesting for new hires all the way to veteran employees!

Spotlight new employees

Being the new person at a company is challenging - let alone a fast-growing or hybrid one. It doesn’t have to be.

With Café, don’t miss an opportunity to say hey and meet up for the first time to share a hot coffee or a cup of tea.

Integrate your people data, seamlessly

Simply plug all your employee info into Café using SSO and SCIM.

You can connect your HR and IT software to automatically sync all the data so people don’t have to do a single thing.

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