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Gymlib switched to Hybrid mode

Gymlib is THE platform for Well-being and Quality of life at work for French and Belgian companies! Gymlib gives access to Start-ups and Large groups to +4,000 partner infrastructures (boxing, yoga, fitness ...) 🏋️‍♀️

Today Aurelie de Raphélis Soissan, HR Manager at Gymlib explains how the company has been organized since the lockdown in its French & Belgian offices. Her mission for 2021? Make sure that all employees share the same information, whether they are working remotely or not!

"My goal in this hybrid approach is to keep everyone on the same level and that everyone feels considered no matter where they work."

A modern remote policy

Gymlib is already very flexible: everyone can work 2 days a week remotely without manager's approval. Some days are in-house, mainly for Creativity moments or Projects kick-off.

The offices have been redesigned to better respond to the new issues imposed by a collaboration in hybrid mode and to facilitate exchanges (while remaining in compliance with health restrictions 😷)

Tools to switch to Hybrid

Aurelie explains that before using Café, the teams used an Excel file to give their days in the office.

"The adoption was quick and easy. Say goodbye to the multiple conversations on Slack - we saved time and gained visibility!"

The integration of the tool with Slack allows information to circulate in real-time and give context to all employees on a half-day precision 🔥


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